How it all began

Work hard. Whatever you do in life, make every effort to be the very best and success will follow. These values and an effort to impart them to two young boys inspired the creation of the first Chipyard.

The year was 1976. Michael Hurwitz, 15, and Mitchell Hurwitz, 13, were too young to get summertime jobs.

Why not open a business that the boys could operate with a product never before sold anywhere: a truly genuine chocolate chip cookie – not like those you could buy in bakeries or grocery stores but the real thing, just like mothers made in homes across America, with real butter, fresh eggs, and the finest pure chocolate.

Michael and Mitchell’s father, Mark Hurwitz, found and rented a small, abandoned taco stand on the bay at Newport Beach, California. Patricia Beaver helped develop a special recipe. The boys scrubbed and painted. An oven, refrigerator and floor mixer were installed, along with a hand-lettered sign that read “The Chipyard.”

They opened the little business with great excitement on May 17, 1976. The first day the boys sold only a few dozen cookies, but the word that they were making the real thing with the very finest ingredients and the smell of freshly baked cookies quickly spread.

Within one week these two California teenagers were selling Chipyard cookies by the thousands and were well on their way to developing a substantial college savings fund.

Television productions, newspapers and magazines throughout the country quickly began trumpeting praise for this very special cookie, now widely acclaimed as the finest chocolate chip cookie in America.

The chocolate chip cookies that you have purchased are the product of the same single-minded devotion and commitment to absolute perfection that was the cornerstone of that first little Chipyard.